Monday, September 30, 2013

The Shift

I'm reading The Shift by Cory Johnson. I'm trying to get into that mindset, but have difficulty with eliminating fruits and anything white. In six months time she lost 30 pounds. I did that in 1998. It felt great. I need to rekindle that desire to work out, eat right, be strong.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chicken Proud

I did it. I went to Faith Lutheran this morning. What a great experience it was. It would have been a shame to miss that service. World Peace Sunday. On the way in I prayed for strength and courage to walk into a place of strangers and for angels to accompany me. I sat between Linda and Gail - evidently my own two angels. I will be returning and hopefully joining the church. Thank you Jesus for leading me there.

Chicken Sh*t

Yesterday I ate mindfully. Drank like a sailor.
Today - I really want to go to church at Faith. The problem is it's a really small church and therefore impossible to be inconspicuous. Being an introvert, this is an issue. My excuses for not going would be: the transmission light on my car went on yesterday. I just picked another 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes - now I have 10 gallons to process. I think this is why Jesus asks us to tell our friends and our neighbors about Love. This would be easier if I knew there was someone there I could sit by and follow their lead. Someone I was familiar with. When Bonnie moves here, then we can go together. She's an extrovert...
I did lose a few pounds with some mindful eating and not listening to my Inner Brat. The one that says "no one's looking - just eat it!" That little bastard needs to be tamed fast.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Today's Smoothie

Nectarine spinach egg coconut milk, mango, cinnamon

It's A New Day

I've decided that the best way for me to stay true to the changes I need/want to make is to chronicle them. There are changes in the air - things that I feel good about. Not just good, but excited about!
My sister, Bonnie, is moving here. She's going to rehab an old Victorian and turn it into a B&B.
Tim and I are building a barn. Not just any barn - I'm using inheritance money to help build it because half of it is going to be my new studio and shop. We're going to have more room in the basement for living space now.
I'm going to release some weight and live healthier. This morning I weighed more than I have ever dreamed that I would weigh. I am 5'9" tall and should weigh 145. I weigh 175.4. That is not healthy or acceptable. Here, on this blog, is where I am going to chronicle the changes I am going to make. I'm sure that Bonnie will create her own blog on her B&B, and I want a blog that's all about me and really just for me.
Weight: 175.4
Exercise: Stretching. 1 17-minute mile on treadmill
The Good: Smoothie for breakfast.
The Bad: